Treatments For Obesity

I’m often asked about the best treatments for obesity and my response is always the same but I do recommend to read ben’s MI40 program to everybody who is willing to start bodybuilding.

Treatments For Obesity

Change your dietary habits

The primary reason for weight gain is eating too many calories combined with a lack of physical activity. The simple solution is to eat less and be more active to balance your energy intake against the energy you use.

Whether you are obese or simply carry a few extra pounds, this is the only healthy option and is a three-step process.

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1. Eat less.

Cut down the volume of your daily meals and stop “snacking” to immediately reduce your calorie intake. Do this and at the very least you will reduce your weight gain.

2. Eat better.

Let’s make it perfectly clear; there is no such thing as a “fat calorie”, but there is an abundance of calorie-laden foods readily available and attractively packaged, just waiting for you to eat them.

The secret to weight control is to find the hidden calories in the food you buy. Fast foods are notable for the high levels of saturated fats and transfats they contain.

Don’t be fooled by low fat labels either, as it’s not uncommon for sugar levels to be increased to improve taste.

Unless you are in a manual job that requires high levels of physical activity, I recommend limiting your daily calorie intake to 2000 for women and 2500 for men. If you can reduce that by 500 calories a day, you will lose weight.

Your target should be to lose around 2lbs a week. It may not sound a lot, but it soon adds up and at this rate its fat you will lose and not muscle mass.

I do not recommend any form of rapid diets, as they are unhealthy, unnatural and unsustainable. In fact I never advocate dieting, only dietary change. We are not looking for a temporary solution, rather a lifetime change that will lead to a healthier, happier and more fulfilled life.

Increasing your fiber intake is also a vital step in your new dietary regime. Fiber serves two purposes in your daily diet, improving you bowel function and satisfying your hunger quicker, for a lower calorie intake.

The average person consumes 8g of fiber per day and this should be increased to around 25g by eating more fiber rich foods. Dietary fiber is readily available from fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, pulses and whole grains.

The final step is to increase your water intake; try to drink 4 pints daily, as this will flush toxins from your body and help suppress hunger pangs.

3. Increase exercise.

Your body was built to do work, but in todays’ automated world, machines and technology have reduced the need for human muscle power, so it’s important to find other forms of exercise to keep us mobile and maintain a high metabolism.

This is simply a question of choosing an activity that suits you best. Walking, swimming, cycling, and most ball games are ideal forms of exercise, for increasing metabolic rate and calorie burning.

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