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POE – Path of the Damned – Online Gaming

Because this time… there’s no way to kill the adds before the dragon… They’re all in front of him so attacking one of them is making the BIG DADDY moving… And i won’t be able to kite anything with so many adds !

I quickly die on my first attempt and on my second attempt, i sneak to inspect the place… And i notice a spot on the bottom left part of the cave, where i can position my team 3 behind and 3 on the front, and where nobody will be able to surround me ! Well… if i can’t kite the Dragon… maybe i can Tank it this time !

So… during my 5-6 next attempts i just tried to wait for all of them to come towards me, and have my party destroy every adds, until the dragon could engage me… but it seems it wasn’t a good tactic as i just couldn’t heal my tanks fast enough, and even if his special attacks were far less deadly than the Adra Dragon breath, it was nonetheless hurting me bad ! 😉 So after 30 minutes of attempts, i decided i would come back later…


Grew up one level and came back !

I took my time and cleared out some places of the White March including Galvino’s Workshop… and i’ve leveled to Level 14 ! So i came back to Stalwart and thought… that maybe i should try this Dragon fight one more time 😉

The last attempts i’ve noticed that i could distract the attention of the dragon easily with… summons ! Like it’s the case for any mobs in the game i think… So…

  1. On my wizard i’ve loaded the “Essential Phantom” spell, along with the upgraded lvl6 version of the spell.
  2. As before the Adra Dragon fight, my whole party rested to gain the +10 Accuracy against Beasts…

Apart from that… nothing else ! no scrolls, no potions… just me my cock and my knife 😀

Knowledge of them