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Frank Your Mail and Free up Finances

  • November 18, 2018
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There is a question asked by many Americans which is where to buy stamps for that question is we are having a suitable answer. Saving time and money are two factors most businesses strive to achieve on an ongoing basis, but doing so requires involvement from all departments, from production and operations to business administration.

One easy way of saving both time and money is to reassess your postage system. If you’re still using good old fashioned stamps it might be time to revise your methods and consider using a franking machine.

As such, one of the main ways to save money by using a franking machine is related to the high levels of inaccuracy experienced when using stamps. There’s always a more is better approach when using stamps, as many people are inclined to use more than necessary just to make sure their mail arrives.

The price of individual postage stamps don’t help with cost cutting either; if you have an item that costs 49p to post you have no option but to use one first and one second class stamp to fully cover the cost, wasting 11p in the process. In line with this, such wastage on an annual basis can of course, prove an unnecessary drain on financial resources.

Franking machines have inbuilt scales which accurately weigh mail and charge you a precise amount based on each items specific weight. Accurate electronic weighing can save you a significant amount when it comes to postage costs, as the need to use more stamps than necessary is eliminated.

A further benefit of using a franking machine is the discount Royal Mail offers to all users which guarantees a saving of at least 2p per letter, with savings of up to 15% possible. But from making a saving on every item you post, this means you can improve cash flow and free up vital funds that can be used elsewhere, and to better use within the business.

Using stamps also means more time out of the office is needed to buy stamps and of course, post the actual mail. These time consuming and inconvenient trips can be drastically cut down simply by using a franking machine, as you can download your postage onto the franking machine via your telephone line.

Franking machines also allow you to print promotional messages or company logos onto envelopes which enables you to promote your business on a daily basis for a very small cost. What’s more, printing your company name and/or logo on every letter adds a professional touch to correspondence, as well as effectively promoting and reinforcing the company image and identity.

The machines themselves come in all shapes and sizes from digital franking machines to compact versions that fit right on your desktop. Therefore, even if space is an issue you should
still be able to make room for a franking machine in your office, whilst reaping the benefits it has to offer.