8 Rarest And Most Valuable Coins In The World

  • September 18, 2018
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This article titled 8 rarest and most valuable coins in the world will serve like an eye opener to us; you wouldn’t find it easy to believe that some of those coins we used years ago still worth millions of money because of their rarity.

The act of coins collection which is also called numismatics is among the most famous hobbies in the world today. Perhaps you are yet to know, but the truth is that it is actually astonishing that a single fragment of metal comes to denote a higher value; I mean a value much higher than its real worth. Well, I think that is money for you and we can’t run from such fact. Like I stated before now that a fragment of metal can worth much higher value than its real worth, depending on the value of a coin, a single one can worth millions of dollars. However, the value of it will depend on its rarity, historical relevance, and also minting errors.

What is numismatics?
Although I used the word “numismatics” in the second paragraph of this article, but it would be unfair if I don’t do justice to its definition. According to Wikipedia:

It is study and collection of currencies, including tokens, coins, paper money, and any other object used as currency.

Even though people often characterize numismatics as students or collectors of currencies; especially rarest and most valuable coins, the field comprises the wider study of money and other means of payment used in resolving debts and exchanging of goods.

List of the rarest and most valuable coins in the world today
This list of 8 rarest and most valuable coins in the world highlights coins that have gone extinct, sold and the amount of money at which they were sold. There are a lot of unique coins being housed in the museums and would never be made available to the general public for the purpose of buying and selling; these coins are considered as coins beyond price, therefore, the list didn’t include them. Below are the coins in the list:

8. DOUBLE EAGLE (1849)

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This coin stands to be the most valuable and rarest coin in the history of U.S with just one specimen left to exist in the country. It is among the two trial pieces of coins that proclaimed the age of the $20 coins which was tagged Double Eagle. Although the coin bears the year 1849, it was actually minted in the year 1850; its production accorded with the commencement of the gold rush in California. The only existing specimen of the most valuable coin is now conserved at Smithsonian museum; precisely at the National Numismatic Collections, thus being the rarest coin now, it’s worth just about $20 million.


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The second coin on the list of 8 rarest and most valuable coins in the world is the Flowing Hair Dollar coin which was first minted in the year 1794. It was the first ever dollar coin to emanate and also be issued by U.S federal government, its design was made by Robert Scot; it has a size and weight making it a replica of the then famous Spanish Dollar. The coin comprises of copper and silver, exhibited a spurt of liberty on one of its sides and an eagle on another side; however, its existence was replaced in the following year. It is the favourite of numismatics due to its historical relevance, and in 2013, a specimen had a record of $10 million auction.

6. DOUBLE EAGLE (1933)

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In the year 1933, the $20 gold coin (Double Eagle) was minted by the United States of America, but despite minting over four hundred thousand pieces of the coin, the gold coin’s existence was put to a halt in the same year. Augustus Saint-Gaudens designed the coin, and it portrayed the Lady Liberty, having an olive branch and a torch. Although few of the coins were stolen by people, nearly all the coins were melted down and they never circulated. Later, some of the stolen coins were retrieved and destroyed; with that, only about 15 specimens were left to exist, and in the year 2002 one of the specimens was auctioned for $7.59 million.


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The Brasher Doubloon gold coin got its name from the goldsmith, Ephraim Brasher who’s from New York. Brasher produced the gold coins along with copper coins on his own willingness, when the state legislature of the US rejected his appeal to mint fresh copper coins. The gold coins Brasher produced are of few varieties based on his hallmark on them. In the year 2011, one specimen with the hallmark on the breast of the eagle was sold for $7.4 million, and in 2014, another specimen with the hallmark on the wings of the eagle was sold for $4.5 million. Speaking of today, only a few out of the plenteous gold coins Brasher produced are still in existence.


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The Queen Elizabeth 1 million – dollar – worth gold coin was produced by the Royal Canadian Mint in the year 2007. The gold coin is recorded as the first gold coin that has existed and has a face with a value of $1 million. Each of the gold coin comprised of 100kg gold with a purity of 99.99%. Portraying three Maple leaves on one side and Queen Elizabeth II on the other side, the gold coins were produced with the intention of promoting Canada’s new line of Maple leaf gold coins. So far so good, five specimens have been purchased, and one was auctioned for $4.02 million in Vienna, in the year 2009.


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In the list of 8 rarest and most valuable coins in the world, the 1804 Silver Dollar coin rocks the sixth position; however, the coins were not produced in the year 1804, but in the 1830s. It showcases a spurt of liberty, and was created by Edmund Roberts as part of his diplomatic gifts during his diplomatic missions to Muscat and Siam. The coins were separated in “Classes”, and 15 specimens are the only ones known to be in existence. The Class 1 specimens of the coins are the rarest and most valuable than others, and one of the specimens was formerly owned by the Sultan of Muscat and sold in the year 1999 for $4.1 million.


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On the seventh place of the list of 8 rarest and most valuable coins in the world is the Liberty Head nickel which is a 5-cent coin issued in the year 1913. It was produced in absence of the approval of the United States Mint, and only few of them were produced. One of the specimens of the liberty nickel turned out to be the first coin to be sold for US$100,000 in the year 1972. In 1996, another was sold for a million dollars. In 2010, a specimen was sold for $3.7 million.

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The last on the list of 8 rarest and most valuable coins in the world is the Half Eagle which was released in the year 1822 by the U.S Mint and in $5 denomination. The coin was designed by John Reich, although about 11,796 were produced, only 3 specimens are known to be in existence now. One of the specimens were sold for about $700,000 in the year 1982.

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