10 Tips About Gizmo Gadget You Need To Know

  • September 14, 2018
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In this our era of science and technology, new electronics and gadgets are increasingly manufactured; each one manufactured often comes with advanced features that can/will better our lives in one way or the other. A lot of things are becoming possible with science and technology; in fact, do you know you can let the imaginations of your kids run wild, while you monitor where they wander to? Well, all thanks to LG and Verizon for the invention of the gizmo gadget.

What is gizmo gadget?
Gizmo gadget is a device that was designed and manufactured to let parents allow their kids enjoy liberty, while they (the parents) keep close watch on where they go/move/wander to. Although gizmo gadget was manufactured for children, the designers actually had the parents in mind while designing the device.

The features of gizmo gadget include:
Dedicated call button
Customizable watch face
Customizable display theme
3” PMOLED colour touch screen display
Ability to send voice messages
Some of the tips about gizmo gadget you need to know
Perhaps this is your first time of coming across the wonderful kid-friendly gadget or it is not your first time, but you just don’t know much about it. Well, you will be getting yourself acquainted with some facts or you can call them tips – about the gizmo gadget; our tips are based on the Pros, Cons, and some of its features.

1# Attractive and comfortable

The number one tip in our list of tips about gizmo gadget is its attractiveness and the comfort it gives to the wrist when worn by any kid. Kids like gadgets that doesn’t bring discomfort of any kind to them; and with LG and Verizon’s latest gadget being in Red or Blue colours, you kids will love to wear them to school to add more beauty to the school outfits.

2# Fun for kids to make use of

If you have kids that easily get bored over using a time of gadget for a long time, trust me, there will be a change once you introduce gizmo gadget into your home. The gadget has reminder and timer that will always let the kids to know it’s time to do one thing or the other, and at the right time.

3# Good parental control

If you are a mum or dad that is always concerned with where your kid wanders to while he or she catches fun, then gizmo gadget is the ideal for you. Once your phone’s GPS system is working, you will always get the location of your kid while he or she is busy catching fun. You will also have control over the people that calls and sends messages to your kid(s).

4# Price

The official price of gizmo gadget is $149.99, and this is one thing you should know about the gadget. If you get anyone lesser than the official price, ensure it’s not fake, and if you get anything higher than the official price, probably the seller is extorting more money from you.

5# No quick access to call 911

This tip sounds a bit odd, but somehow it makes sense. Gizmo gadget does not possess any quick access to call 911 in case the need arises, and this will cause lots of parents to change their minds. But what of accidental calls to 911 by kids? The absence of quick access to reach 911 will sure help reduce accidental calls to 911 on a daily basis.

6# Available to Verizon subscribers only

Another thing we should know about gizmo gadget is that it is only available to parents that are Verizon subscribers. Of course this will cause inconveniences to parents who are not Verizon subscribers but would love to get the gadget for their kids.

7# Absence of games

If you are a mum or dad who has heard of gizmo gadget but you are still scared of bringing in a gadget that will cause negative effects on your kids, well, the truth is that gizmo gadget doesn’t have any game. So, your kid(s) will not be distracted while making use of the gadget.

8# It doesn’t browse

Don’t worry about your kids having access to the internet; with gizmo gadget, your kid(s) will not have access to any site on the internet.

9# Gizmo hub app in Google play and Apple play store

With the gizmo hub app that works together with the gizmo gadget, you will have to be the one in control of the gadget while your kid(s) wears/wear it. You can also add up to nine numbers that will be calling or sending messages to your kid(s).

10# It requires reading skills

The gizmo gadget has a lot of features, but your kid must be able to read and send voice messages because it can’t send complex messages.

With the above tips, you should be making up your mind to get gizmo gadget for your kid(s); I hope I am not wrong?

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