10 Mistakes Made By You When You Are Involved In A Car Accident & How To Avoid Them

  • September 15, 2018
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Getting involved in a car accident is a horrible experience. Most of the drivers make some mistakes when they involved in an accident. So it’s better for you to understand why these mistakes cost you the more and how you will avoid those mistakes.

  1. Not calling the police to report about the accident

Always remember that it is always important to make the record about the accident. As the investigating officer will obtain some information about the other driver. If other driver provides you the wrong information or not gives you the accurate detail and you did not inform to the police about the incident then surely your own insurance company will deny your claim. It is mandatory in the insurance policies to report about the incident to the police. The police will take the statement of the witness, click photos of the damage property and also determine if someone needs the medical attention or not.

  1. Not getting the names and contact information of the parties involved

After the accident it may not be possible to get the name, address or telephone number of the party who is involved in the accident. But you can ask them for their insurance information and insurance card. Note down the name of the insurance company, name of the person who insured the car and don’t forget about the policy number. Also check the policy expiration date because some people forget to renew their policy or switch to the other insurance company so get the accurate information.

  1. Not getting the names and contact information about the witness from the accident scene

Talk to your investigating officer and try to get the phone number of the witness. Try to approach to your witness by yourself if there is no police at the accident scene and get the name, address and phone number. The statement of the witness will help to determine the fault when both the parties are saying no that they are legally responsible.

  1. Not taking the pictures from the accident scene

Make it possible to click the picture of the damage of the cars which are involved in the accident. Photos which are taken immediately will light up the condition at the time of the accident. You don’t have the right to see the damage of your car again once the cars leave the accident scene. In case of the dispute that how the accident happened and how bad the collision was in this the photos will help you to document your claim. Now days many phones are having the camera capability.

  1. Not calling your insurance company to report about the accident

It is very important to inform your insurance company about the accident and inform to other driver insurance company too. Don’t make your own assumptions that other driver will report the claim to their insurance company. As they may try to deal on the matter without reporting to the insurance company. After wards it will deny your benefits when you are sorting your claim. So inform to both the insurance companies as soon as possible.

  1. Not seeking the medical treatment when needed

After the accident it is not possible to feel OK. Riding in the ambulance and waiting for hours in the emergency room can deter people from seeking the qualified medical professionals. Many people have a belief that it will go away but if it does not then seek to the medical attention. If your injuries don’t get better and you don’t get the medical treatment after the accident then you will not the full or proper consideration on your claim.

  1. Car damages are not evaluated by the professionals

After the accident or collision only the professional mechanic will properly able to document the damage of your car. Many repair shops guarantee on their work. They will provide you the cost of the repairs broken which is going to be done on the broken parts. They are also having the current up to date information about the labor charges in your area. They can easily evaluate any damage of your vehicle which is not visible from the naked eye. They also click the pictures for you which make your documentation helpful in the future injury claim.

  1. Not insist upon the appropriate rental car

If you are driving a larger car and you get in an accident after that you may be told that you are only allowed to rent for the smaller vehicle. Then make sure not to accept that. Try to make your argument that why you are not entitled for a larger vehicle. Talk to the claim supervisor or the manager about this and document about every person to whom you have spoken.

  1. Not protecting your personal and private information

Don’t provide your personal and your private information to the other party insurance company. After the accident if you are making a claim to have your car fixed then no insurance company will need your date of birth or any social security number. The insurance companies will collect your personal information and put it in a centralized claim bureau which allows them to see whether you have made any claim in past or not. Try to keep your personal information private.

  1. don’t give the recorded statement without fully comprehending the impact of your statement

After the accident the representative of the insurance company or the agent may be contacted shortly with you about yours car insurance. They require the facts about the accident, about your injuries and the damages of the vehicle. Make sure to provide them the correct information which is being recorded by the claim representative. They ask for the permission in the beginning of the statement to record it and even confirm your permission in the end. Don’t forget to ask about the statement copy provided to you.

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