Frank Your Mail and Free up Finances

  • November 18, 2018
  • Mail

There is a question asked by many Americans which is where to buy stamps for that question is we are having a suitable answer. Saving time and money are two factors most businesses strive to achieve on an ongoing basis, but doing so requires involvement from all departments, from production and operations to business administration.

One easy way of saving both time and money is to reassess your postage system. If you’re still using good old fashioned stamps it might be time to revise your methods and consider using a franking machine.

As such, one of the main ways to save money by using a franking machine is related to the high levels of inaccuracy experienced when using stamps. There’s always a more is better approach when using stamps, as many people are inclined to use more than necessary just to make sure their mail arrives.

The price of individual postage stamps don’t help with cost cutting either; if you have an item that costs 49p to post you have no option but to use one first and one second class stamp to fully cover the cost, wasting 11p in the process. In line with this, such wastage on an annual basis can of course, prove an unnecessary drain on financial resources.

Franking machines have inbuilt scales which accurately weigh mail and charge you a precise amount based on each items specific weight. Accurate electronic weighing can save you a significant amount when it comes to postage costs, as the need to use more stamps than necessary is eliminated.

A further benefit of using a franking machine is the discount Royal Mail offers to all users which guarantees a saving of at least 2p per letter, with savings of up to 15% possible. But from making a saving on every item you post, this means you can improve cash flow and free up vital funds that can be used elsewhere, and to better use within the business.

Using stamps also means more time out of the office is needed to buy stamps and of course, post the actual mail. These time consuming and inconvenient trips can be drastically cut down simply by using a franking machine, as you can download your postage onto the franking machine via your telephone line.

Franking machines also allow you to print promotional messages or company logos onto envelopes which enables you to promote your business on a daily basis for a very small cost. What’s more, printing your company name and/or logo on every letter adds a professional touch to correspondence, as well as effectively promoting and reinforcing the company image and identity.

The machines themselves come in all shapes and sizes from digital franking machines to compact versions that fit right on your desktop. Therefore, even if space is an issue you should
still be able to make room for a franking machine in your office, whilst reaping the benefits it has to offer.

Treatments For Obesity

I’m often asked about the best treatments for obesity and my response is always the same but I do recommend to read ben’s MI40 program to everybody who is willing to start bodybuilding.

Treatments For Obesity

Change your dietary habits

The primary reason for weight gain is eating too many calories combined with a lack of physical activity. The simple solution is to eat less and be more active to balance your energy intake against the energy you use.

Whether you are obese or simply carry a few extra pounds, this is the only healthy option and is a three-step process.

Watchout this video before continuing reading;

1. Eat less.

Cut down the volume of your daily meals and stop “snacking” to immediately reduce your calorie intake. Do this and at the very least you will reduce your weight gain.

2. Eat better.

Let’s make it perfectly clear; there is no such thing as a “fat calorie”, but there is an abundance of calorie-laden foods readily available and attractively packaged, just waiting for you to eat them.

The secret to weight control is to find the hidden calories in the food you buy. Fast foods are notable for the high levels of saturated fats and transfats they contain.

Don’t be fooled by low fat labels either, as it’s not uncommon for sugar levels to be increased to improve taste.

Unless you are in a manual job that requires high levels of physical activity, I recommend limiting your daily calorie intake to 2000 for women and 2500 for men. If you can reduce that by 500 calories a day, you will lose weight.

Your target should be to lose around 2lbs a week. It may not sound a lot, but it soon adds up and at this rate its fat you will lose and not muscle mass.

I do not recommend any form of rapid diets, as they are unhealthy, unnatural and unsustainable. In fact I never advocate dieting, only dietary change. We are not looking for a temporary solution, rather a lifetime change that will lead to a healthier, happier and more fulfilled life.

Increasing your fiber intake is also a vital step in your new dietary regime. Fiber serves two purposes in your daily diet, improving you bowel function and satisfying your hunger quicker, for a lower calorie intake.

The average person consumes 8g of fiber per day and this should be increased to around 25g by eating more fiber rich foods. Dietary fiber is readily available from fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, pulses and whole grains.

The final step is to increase your water intake; try to drink 4 pints daily, as this will flush toxins from your body and help suppress hunger pangs.

3. Increase exercise.

Your body was built to do work, but in todays’ automated world, machines and technology have reduced the need for human muscle power, so it’s important to find other forms of exercise to keep us mobile and maintain a high metabolism.

This is simply a question of choosing an activity that suits you best. Walking, swimming, cycling, and most ball games are ideal forms of exercise, for increasing metabolic rate and calorie burning.

8 Rarest And Most Valuable Coins In The World

  • September 18, 2018
  • Coins

This article titled 8 rarest and most valuable coins in the world will serve like an eye opener to us; you wouldn’t find it easy to believe that some of those coins we used years ago still worth millions of money because of their rarity.

The act of coins collection which is also called numismatics is among the most famous hobbies in the world today. Perhaps you are yet to know, but the truth is that it is actually astonishing that a single fragment of metal comes to denote a higher value; I mean a value much higher than its real worth. Well, I think that is money for you and we can’t run from such fact. Like I stated before now that a fragment of metal can worth much higher value than its real worth, depending on the value of a coin, a single one can worth millions of dollars. However, the value of it will depend on its rarity, historical relevance, and also minting errors.

What is numismatics?
Although I used the word “numismatics” in the second paragraph of this article, but it would be unfair if I don’t do justice to its definition. According to Wikipedia:

It is study and collection of currencies, including tokens, coins, paper money, and any other object used as currency.

Even though people often characterize numismatics as students or collectors of currencies; especially rarest and most valuable coins, the field comprises the wider study of money and other means of payment used in resolving debts and exchanging of goods.

List of the rarest and most valuable coins in the world today
This list of 8 rarest and most valuable coins in the world highlights coins that have gone extinct, sold and the amount of money at which they were sold. There are a lot of unique coins being housed in the museums and would never be made available to the general public for the purpose of buying and selling; these coins are considered as coins beyond price, therefore, the list didn’t include them. Below are the coins in the list:

8. DOUBLE EAGLE (1849)

most valuable coins

This coin stands to be the most valuable and rarest coin in the history of U.S with just one specimen left to exist in the country. It is among the two trial pieces of coins that proclaimed the age of the $20 coins which was tagged Double Eagle. Although the coin bears the year 1849, it was actually minted in the year 1850; its production accorded with the commencement of the gold rush in California. The only existing specimen of the most valuable coin is now conserved at Smithsonian museum; precisely at the National Numismatic Collections, thus being the rarest coin now, it’s worth just about $20 million.


most valuable coins

The second coin on the list of 8 rarest and most valuable coins in the world is the Flowing Hair Dollar coin which was first minted in the year 1794. It was the first ever dollar coin to emanate and also be issued by U.S federal government, its design was made by Robert Scot; it has a size and weight making it a replica of the then famous Spanish Dollar. The coin comprises of copper and silver, exhibited a spurt of liberty on one of its sides and an eagle on another side; however, its existence was replaced in the following year. It is the favourite of numismatics due to its historical relevance, and in 2013, a specimen had a record of $10 million auction.

6. DOUBLE EAGLE (1933)

most valuable coins

In the year 1933, the $20 gold coin (Double Eagle) was minted by the United States of America, but despite minting over four hundred thousand pieces of the coin, the gold coin’s existence was put to a halt in the same year. Augustus Saint-Gaudens designed the coin, and it portrayed the Lady Liberty, having an olive branch and a torch. Although few of the coins were stolen by people, nearly all the coins were melted down and they never circulated. Later, some of the stolen coins were retrieved and destroyed; with that, only about 15 specimens were left to exist, and in the year 2002 one of the specimens was auctioned for $7.59 million.


most valuable coins

The Brasher Doubloon gold coin got its name from the goldsmith, Ephraim Brasher who’s from New York. Brasher produced the gold coins along with copper coins on his own willingness, when the state legislature of the US rejected his appeal to mint fresh copper coins. The gold coins Brasher produced are of few varieties based on his hallmark on them. In the year 2011, one specimen with the hallmark on the breast of the eagle was sold for $7.4 million, and in 2014, another specimen with the hallmark on the wings of the eagle was sold for $4.5 million. Speaking of today, only a few out of the plenteous gold coins Brasher produced are still in existence.


most valuable coins

The Queen Elizabeth 1 million – dollar – worth gold coin was produced by the Royal Canadian Mint in the year 2007. The gold coin is recorded as the first gold coin that has existed and has a face with a value of $1 million. Each of the gold coin comprised of 100kg gold with a purity of 99.99%. Portraying three Maple leaves on one side and Queen Elizabeth II on the other side, the gold coins were produced with the intention of promoting Canada’s new line of Maple leaf gold coins. So far so good, five specimens have been purchased, and one was auctioned for $4.02 million in Vienna, in the year 2009.


most valuable coins

In the list of 8 rarest and most valuable coins in the world, the 1804 Silver Dollar coin rocks the sixth position; however, the coins were not produced in the year 1804, but in the 1830s. It showcases a spurt of liberty, and was created by Edmund Roberts as part of his diplomatic gifts during his diplomatic missions to Muscat and Siam. The coins were separated in “Classes”, and 15 specimens are the only ones known to be in existence. The Class 1 specimens of the coins are the rarest and most valuable than others, and one of the specimens was formerly owned by the Sultan of Muscat and sold in the year 1999 for $4.1 million.


most valuable coins

On the seventh place of the list of 8 rarest and most valuable coins in the world is the Liberty Head nickel which is a 5-cent coin issued in the year 1913. It was produced in absence of the approval of the United States Mint, and only few of them were produced. One of the specimens of the liberty nickel turned out to be the first coin to be sold for US$100,000 in the year 1972. In 1996, another was sold for a million dollars. In 2010, a specimen was sold for $3.7 million.

most valuable coins

The last on the list of 8 rarest and most valuable coins in the world is the Half Eagle which was released in the year 1822 by the U.S Mint and in $5 denomination. The coin was designed by John Reich, although about 11,796 were produced, only 3 specimens are known to be in existence now. One of the specimens were sold for about $700,000 in the year 1982.

Over to you
The list of 8 rarest and most valuable coins has ended. You can also add yours by commenting below. And you can show more appreciation by help sharing the good news using the social buttons below.

10 Mistakes Made By You When You Are Involved In A Car Accident & How To Avoid Them

  • September 15, 2018
  • Tips

Getting involved in a car accident is a horrible experience. Most of the drivers make some mistakes when they involved in an accident. So it’s better for you to understand why these mistakes cost you the more and how you will avoid those mistakes.

  1. Not calling the police to report about the accident

Always remember that it is always important to make the record about the accident. As the investigating officer will obtain some information about the other driver. If other driver provides you the wrong information or not gives you the accurate detail and you did not inform to the police about the incident then surely your own insurance company will deny your claim. It is mandatory in the insurance policies to report about the incident to the police. The police will take the statement of the witness, click photos of the damage property and also determine if someone needs the medical attention or not.

  1. Not getting the names and contact information of the parties involved

After the accident it may not be possible to get the name, address or telephone number of the party who is involved in the accident. But you can ask them for their insurance information and insurance card. Note down the name of the insurance company, name of the person who insured the car and don’t forget about the policy number. Also check the policy expiration date because some people forget to renew their policy or switch to the other insurance company so get the accurate information.

  1. Not getting the names and contact information about the witness from the accident scene

Talk to your investigating officer and try to get the phone number of the witness. Try to approach to your witness by yourself if there is no police at the accident scene and get the name, address and phone number. The statement of the witness will help to determine the fault when both the parties are saying no that they are legally responsible.

  1. Not taking the pictures from the accident scene

Make it possible to click the picture of the damage of the cars which are involved in the accident. Photos which are taken immediately will light up the condition at the time of the accident. You don’t have the right to see the damage of your car again once the cars leave the accident scene. In case of the dispute that how the accident happened and how bad the collision was in this the photos will help you to document your claim. Now days many phones are having the camera capability.

  1. Not calling your insurance company to report about the accident

It is very important to inform your insurance company about the accident and inform to other driver insurance company too. Don’t make your own assumptions that other driver will report the claim to their insurance company. As they may try to deal on the matter without reporting to the insurance company. After wards it will deny your benefits when you are sorting your claim. So inform to both the insurance companies as soon as possible.

  1. Not seeking the medical treatment when needed

After the accident it is not possible to feel OK. Riding in the ambulance and waiting for hours in the emergency room can deter people from seeking the qualified medical professionals. Many people have a belief that it will go away but if it does not then seek to the medical attention. If your injuries don’t get better and you don’t get the medical treatment after the accident then you will not the full or proper consideration on your claim.

  1. Car damages are not evaluated by the professionals

After the accident or collision only the professional mechanic will properly able to document the damage of your car. Many repair shops guarantee on their work. They will provide you the cost of the repairs broken which is going to be done on the broken parts. They are also having the current up to date information about the labor charges in your area. They can easily evaluate any damage of your vehicle which is not visible from the naked eye. They also click the pictures for you which make your documentation helpful in the future injury claim.

  1. Not insist upon the appropriate rental car

If you are driving a larger car and you get in an accident after that you may be told that you are only allowed to rent for the smaller vehicle. Then make sure not to accept that. Try to make your argument that why you are not entitled for a larger vehicle. Talk to the claim supervisor or the manager about this and document about every person to whom you have spoken.

  1. Not protecting your personal and private information

Don’t provide your personal and your private information to the other party insurance company. After the accident if you are making a claim to have your car fixed then no insurance company will need your date of birth or any social security number. The insurance companies will collect your personal information and put it in a centralized claim bureau which allows them to see whether you have made any claim in past or not. Try to keep your personal information private.

  1. don’t give the recorded statement without fully comprehending the impact of your statement

After the accident the representative of the insurance company or the agent may be contacted shortly with you about yours car insurance. They require the facts about the accident, about your injuries and the damages of the vehicle. Make sure to provide them the correct information which is being recorded by the claim representative. They ask for the permission in the beginning of the statement to record it and even confirm your permission in the end. Don’t forget to ask about the statement copy provided to you.

10 Tips About Gizmo Gadget You Need To Know

  • September 14, 2018
  • Gizmo

In this our era of science and technology, new electronics and gadgets are increasingly manufactured; each one manufactured often comes with advanced features that can/will better our lives in one way or the other. A lot of things are becoming possible with science and technology; in fact, do you know you can let the imaginations of your kids run wild, while you monitor where they wander to? Well, all thanks to LG and Verizon for the invention of the gizmo gadget.

What is gizmo gadget?
Gizmo gadget is a device that was designed and manufactured to let parents allow their kids enjoy liberty, while they (the parents) keep close watch on where they go/move/wander to. Although gizmo gadget was manufactured for children, the designers actually had the parents in mind while designing the device.

The features of gizmo gadget include:
Dedicated call button
Customizable watch face
Customizable display theme
3” PMOLED colour touch screen display
Ability to send voice messages
Some of the tips about gizmo gadget you need to know
Perhaps this is your first time of coming across the wonderful kid-friendly gadget or it is not your first time, but you just don’t know much about it. Well, you will be getting yourself acquainted with some facts or you can call them tips – about the gizmo gadget; our tips are based on the Pros, Cons, and some of its features.

1# Attractive and comfortable

The number one tip in our list of tips about gizmo gadget is its attractiveness and the comfort it gives to the wrist when worn by any kid. Kids like gadgets that doesn’t bring discomfort of any kind to them; and with LG and Verizon’s latest gadget being in Red or Blue colours, you kids will love to wear them to school to add more beauty to the school outfits.

2# Fun for kids to make use of

If you have kids that easily get bored over using a time of gadget for a long time, trust me, there will be a change once you introduce gizmo gadget into your home. The gadget has reminder and timer that will always let the kids to know it’s time to do one thing or the other, and at the right time.

3# Good parental control

If you are a mum or dad that is always concerned with where your kid wanders to while he or she catches fun, then gizmo gadget is the ideal for you. Once your phone’s GPS system is working, you will always get the location of your kid while he or she is busy catching fun. You will also have control over the people that calls and sends messages to your kid(s).

4# Price

The official price of gizmo gadget is $149.99, and this is one thing you should know about the gadget. If you get anyone lesser than the official price, ensure it’s not fake, and if you get anything higher than the official price, probably the seller is extorting more money from you.

5# No quick access to call 911

This tip sounds a bit odd, but somehow it makes sense. Gizmo gadget does not possess any quick access to call 911 in case the need arises, and this will cause lots of parents to change their minds. But what of accidental calls to 911 by kids? The absence of quick access to reach 911 will sure help reduce accidental calls to 911 on a daily basis.

6# Available to Verizon subscribers only

Another thing we should know about gizmo gadget is that it is only available to parents that are Verizon subscribers. Of course this will cause inconveniences to parents who are not Verizon subscribers but would love to get the gadget for their kids.

7# Absence of games

If you are a mum or dad who has heard of gizmo gadget but you are still scared of bringing in a gadget that will cause negative effects on your kids, well, the truth is that gizmo gadget doesn’t have any game. So, your kid(s) will not be distracted while making use of the gadget.

8# It doesn’t browse

Don’t worry about your kids having access to the internet; with gizmo gadget, your kid(s) will not have access to any site on the internet.

9# Gizmo hub app in Google play and Apple play store

With the gizmo hub app that works together with the gizmo gadget, you will have to be the one in control of the gadget while your kid(s) wears/wear it. You can also add up to nine numbers that will be calling or sending messages to your kid(s).

10# It requires reading skills

The gizmo gadget has a lot of features, but your kid must be able to read and send voice messages because it can’t send complex messages.

With the above tips, you should be making up your mind to get gizmo gadget for your kid(s); I hope I am not wrong?